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The evolution of the major hepatitis C genotypes correlates with clinical response to interferon therapy
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Alpha-helical peptide-induced vesicle rupture revealing new insight into the vesicle fusion process as monitored in situ by quartz crystal microbalance-dissipation and reflectometry.
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The anti-hepatitis C agent nitazoxanide induces phosphorylation of elF2alpha via PKR activation.
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Viral infection of human progenitor and liver-derived cells encapsulated in three-dimensional PEG-based hydrogel.
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Isolation of human fetal liver progenitors and their enhanced proliferation by three-dimensional coculture with endothelial cells.
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Discovery of a hepatitis C target and its pharmacological inhibitors by microfluidic affinity analysis.
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Isolation and transcriptional profiling of purified hepatic cells derived from human embryonic stem cells.
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The nucleotide binding motif of hepatitis C virus NS4B can mediate cellular transformation and tumor formation without Ha-ras co-transfection.
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Potential for hepatitis C virus resistance to nitazoxanide or tizoxanide.
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Isolation of Human Fetal Liver Progenitors and Their Enhanced Proliferation by Three-Dimensional Coculture with Endothelial Cells.
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TBC1D20 is a Rab1 GTPase-activating protein that mediates hepatitis C virus replication.
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Binding dynamics of hepatitis C virus' NS5A amphipathic peptide to cell and model membranes.
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Hepatitis d.
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Employing an amphipathic viral peptide to create a lipid bilayer on Au and TiO2.
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The Power of silence: application of small interfering RNAs to gastrointestinal diseases.
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Creation of lipid partitions by deposition of amphipathic viral peptides.
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Employing two different quartz crystal microbalance models to study changes in viscoelastic behavior upon transformation of lipid vesicles to a bilayer on a gold surface.
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A Rab-GAP TBC domain protein binds hepatitis C virus NS5A and mediates viral replication.
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Prenylation of HDAg and antiviral drug development.
Glenn JS.
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Molecular virology of the hepatitis C virus: implication for novel therapies.
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Molecular virology of the hepatitis C virus: implication for novel therapies.
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Novel therapies for hepatitis C virus based on lessons from virology.
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Hepatitis C virus core protein associates with detergent-resistant membranes distinct from classical plasma membrane rafts.
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An N-terminal amphipathic helix in hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS4B mediates membrane association, correct localization of replication complex proteins, and HCV RNA replication.
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A nucleotide binding motif in hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS4B mediates HCV RNA replication.
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Overdependence on the host-an Achilles' heel of HCV?
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Testing antivirals against hepatitis delta virus: farnesyl transferase inhibitors.
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Amphipathic helix-dependent localization of NS5A mediates hepatitis C virus RNA replication.
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In vivo antiviral efficacy of prenylation inhibitors against hepatitis delta virus.
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Prenylation inhibitors: a novel class of antiviral agents.
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A prenylation inhibitor prevents production of infectious hepatitis delta virus particles.
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Sustained survival of human hepatocytes in mice: A model for in vivo infection with human hepatitis B and hepatitis delta viruses.
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Finding the iron in the melting pot--practical use of a new genetic assay for hereditary hemochromatosis.
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Identification of a prenylation site in delta virus large antigen.
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