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FAST (Fast Analysis of SHAPE Traces) is a program that allows for rapid analysis of SHAPE traces. SHAPE is a technique developed by Dr. Kevin Weeks (UNC) that allows for high-throughput RNA secondary structure mapping.

A version of RNAstructure including FAST 1.0 can be downloaded here. (updated 4.1.2011)

A draft of the user manual can be downloaded here.

Sample files for use in the FASTT Wizard can be downloaded here.

Copyright Notice: Phillip S. Pang, Jeffrey S. Glenn, 2011. As a derivative of the RNAstructure program, which is licensed under a GPL, this work is also available under a GPL.


  1. Download the RNAstructure package (v. 5.2) from the laboratory of Dr. David Mathews (registration required)
  2. Install the RNAstructure package
  3. Move the downloaded copy of FAST into this directory C:\Program Files\RNAstructure 5.2

If you cannot "see" this directory, google "view hidden files windows" for instructions.
This will replace the Matthews version with the version found here.

NOTE: The video tutorial specifies old parameters for the PeakScanner program.  Use the
parameters found in the user manual above

Tutorial on using the FAST module within RNAStructure

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